Professional Registration

Dr Booysen is registered at the South African Geomatics Council (SAGC) and the Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors (GISc).

Through mentorship (mentor), Dr Booysen is helping many young professionals to register at the SAGC.



Y2NEXT will help with the SAT and the drafting of the application forms. Together with this, I will compile a career development plan that determines whether the person must first complete academic modules before they can register and where it can be done.

In some cases, SAGC will register the person as a candidate, if proof of registration is given at the academic institution. However, this is not their preference.

I then have contact sessions with the candidate three times a month, usually an hour long. During this session, we talk about the work that has been done and determines whether it can be incorporated into the WIL. If the candidate does not do work that can be incorporated into the WIL, I will then prescribe projects. These projects will be in line with what the mandate of the organisation is and will benefit the organisation.

The contact sessions can also be spent on GIS problems experienced during a project. Advice and possible solutions/methods are given to the candidate that will benefit the project.

Monthly I provide a report to management and a meeting can be held if necessary. Management also gets more insight into GIS because of these meetings and how it can benefit the company. Every three months, the candidate must make a presentation during this meeting with management. It will show progress and they also learn to defend their work before others (evidence-based).

Experience shows that a minimum of 11 months of mentoring can be enough to complete the WIL. This possible period is evaluated continuously and if necessary, can be extended.

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