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We are going to learn how to tackle projects where GIS is used to analyse problems and to find solutions for these problems. Many GIS projects fail because of the lack of planning and preparation. The notion is that GIS is difficult, so I just start, struggle, moan, give-up and blame everybody because they said I must use GIS.

That is not the way to do it. Before you start: relax, drink coffee, and start planning. Very important is the planning, okay the coffee as well.

This short course will introduce you to a planning process that does not start with GIS but start with a problem-solving technique to tackle a GIS project.

The problem

A disaster risk assessment must include the location of areas of possible water pollution.  GIS software will be the most affected tool to do the analysis but you do not know how to use GIS.  You know where to press buttons but that is the only thing you know about GIS (you also do not know all the buttons).