Use GIS to identify catchment areas of shopping centers and towns

Catchment areas for towns/cities, shopping centres/commercial activities using urban gravity models such as the Huff Model. The figure on this page is the catchment area for the Sandton City shopping centre in Johannesburg. Size of the shopping centre and distance to possible consumers were used to determine the attractiveness of the centre. The probability of consumers visiting the centre was calculated and mapped. Darker red represents a higher probability. The same methodology can be used to identify catchment areas for rural towns.

Suitable location and growth analysis

Suitable location analysis can be done for many land uses. For example, the figures on this page show suitable locations for residential development in the Sasolburg area. Multicriteria Land Suitability Evaluation, Analytical Hierarchy Process and PairWise Comparison with GIS techniques are used to identify suitable locations. The three (3) small figures show the data input for the analyses. The top one represents residential growth; the middle figure residential and vacant residential properties and the last one the proximity to schools. The dark blue areas in the bigger figure show the most suitable locations for residential development.