Y2NEXT is a company that provides services to the government (National, Provincial, District and Local) and private companies that enable them to make better decisions to enhance return on investments when resources are applied.  This is done by including the spatial component in the decision-making process. A popular saying in the business is that 80% to 90% of assets, resources, and risks are spatially based.  Questions are therefore answered by where, why and when.

The answers to questions and problems normally start with a why (Y) and we can help to get the client to (2) the NEXT level.

We provide evidence-based information to enable informed clear decision making, using Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

We form different partnerships to establish high performing teams to produce information products that satisfy the client plus knowledge transfer to partners and the client.


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Mentorship and training will enable us to empower other professionals (potential professionals).  University accredited courses in GIS and Disaster Risk Assessments will ensure that the practitioner is empowered with the right knowledge and standards to conduct there work and/or to generate income.

Mentoring will be done by a professional registered person that is familiar with the registration process.

Spatial analysis and visualisation

We specialise in the analysis and visualisation of spatial data to enable users to conduct business intelligence operations, make better decisions, enhance project management and asset management.

Business can better manage their market penetration and other business processes focusing on the spatial distribution of their clients and resources.  The government can improve their development planning through analysis and visualisation of demographic and financial information.

Disaster Management

We focus on disaster risk assessment using scientifically based methodologies utilising GIS techniques extensively.  This is in line with current Disaster Management legislation and as required by municipalities.

We use this information to formulate disaster risk reduction strategies that can be implemented through the IDP processes.

We specialise in floodplain management through flood risk assessment and reduction.